School Science Lab Physics with Computer



Exp-1 To study ohm’s law.
Exp-2 To study V-I characteristics of Incandescent Lamp.
Exp-3 Study of Diode as Rectifier & its applications.
(I-V characteristics of Rectifier Diode, Half wave rectifier, Full wave rectifier, Positive clipper and Negative clipper)
Exp-4 To study V-I characteristics of a Light Emitting Diode.
Exp-5 Study of Zener Diode & applications.
(a) I-V characteristics of Zener Diode in forward and reverse biased
(b) Zener Diode as Voltage regulator.
Exp-6 To investigate Series and parallel combinations of resistors.
Exp-7 To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference versus current.
Exp-8 To draw the I-V characteristic curve of a p-n junction in forward bias and reverse bias.
Exp-9 To study the characteristics of a common - emitter NPN transistor and to find out the values of current and voltage gains.
Exp-10 To find the relationship between potential difference across a capacitor and time during its charging and discharging.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Circuit Board 1
2 Data Logging Interface 2
3 Software 1
4 Voltage sensor 1
5 Current sensor 1
6 Flexible lead (100 cm) 8Set
7 Diode Module (1 N4007) 1
8 Zener Diode Module 3.9V, 5.1V 2
9 LED Module 1
10 Half wave rectifier module 1
11 Full wave rectifier module 1
12 Resistance Module, 10 Ω, 10W 1
13 Resistance Module, 100 Ω 1
14 Resistance Module, 1 k Ω 1
15 Resistance Module, 10 k Ω 1
16 Signal generator 1
17 Power Supply 5V, 0-16V 1
18 Capacitor 10µF 1
19 Switch 2
20 Resistance 47 k Ω 1
21 Incandescent Lamp Module 1
22 NPN Transistor module 1
23 Resistance Board 1

*Note: Computer will not be provided with SA031 kit.

Physics with Computer Experiments