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Exp-1 Determination of pH of some solutions obtained from fruit juices, solution of known and varied concentrations of acids, bases and salts using pH paper or pH sensor.
Exp-2 Comparing the pH of solutions of strong and weak acids of same concentration.
Exp-3 Study the pH change in the titration of a strong base.
Exp-4 Study the pH change by common-ion in case of weak acids and weak bases.
Exp-5 Determination of strength of a given solution of hydrochloric acid by titrating it against standard sodium carbonate solution.
Exp-6 Determination of strength of a given solution of sodium hydroxide by titrating it against standard solution of oxalic acid.
Exp-7 Effect of concentration and temperature on the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid.
Exp-8 Variation of cell potential in Zn/Zn2+|| Cu2+/Cu with change in concentration of electrolytes (CuSO4 or ZnSO4) at room temperature.
Exp-9 To determine the melting point of ice and the boiling point of water.
Exp-10 To find the pH of the following samples by using pH paper/ pH sensor.- Dilute Hydrochloric acid, Dilute NaOH solution, Dilute ethanoic acid solution, Lemon juice, Water, Dilute sodium bicarbonate solution.
Exp-11 To find out the molarity of mohr’s salt.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Einstein Tablet+ 1
2 MiLAB Software 1
3 Temperature sensor 2
4 pH sensor 1
5 Pressure Sensor 1
6 Conductivity Probe 1
7 Voltage Probe 1
8 Glass & Plastic accessories kit 1
9 Clamp & Ring Stand 1
10 Calorimeter 1
11 Food holder 1
12 Spatula 1
13 Alcohol Burner & Candle 1
14 3"x5" index Card 1
15 Thermometer 1
16 Test Tube Rack 1
17 18x150 mm test tube 4
18 Test Tube Clamp 1
19 Rubber stopper assembly 1
20 Syringe 20 ml 1
21 Hot plate 1
22 Ring with clamp 1
23 Two 125 ml Erlenmeyer flasks 1
24 Glove 1
25 Wash bottle 1
26 Magnetic stirrer 1
27 Stand with base 1
28 Bosshead double 2
29 50 ml burette 1
30 Test tubes 7
31 Test tube rack 1
32 Red and blue litmus paper 1
33 Stirring rod 1
34 250 ml Beaker 1
35 Phenolphthalin indicator 1
36 HCL solution 1
37 60 ml Reagent Reservoir 1
38 5 ml Pipet  
39 10 ml graduated cylinder  


Exp-1 Additivity of heats of reaction: Hess’s law.
Exp-2 Fractional Distillation.
Exp-3 Evaporation and intermolecular attraction.
Exp-4 Endothermic and Exothermic Reaction.
Exp-5 Using freezing-point depression to find molecular weight.
Exp-6 Energy content of fuels.
Exp-7 Energy content of food.
Exp-8 To demonstrate the Freezing, melting and boiling point of water.
Exp-9 To demonstrate the Effect of Temperature on Solubility of a salt.
Exp-10 To demonstrate the Pressure temperature relationship in gases.
Exp-11 To demonstrate the Boyle’s law.
Exp-12 To demonstrate the Vapor Pressure of Liquids.
Exp-13 Determination of pH Values.
Exp-14 To differentiate the Acidic and Basic solutions.
Exp-15 Titration curve of strong and weak Acids and Bases.
Exp-16 To determine the total concentration of Ca2+ and Mg2+ in water.

*Note : No chemical are supplied with this kit. You have to buy yourself.

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