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Chart Stand
Botany Chart

Made of Rexine. Size 100 x 75 cm.


SB673   Medicinal Plants
SB679   Compound and simple leaves
SB689   Kinds of Roots
SB696   Section of Human Ear
SB697   Section of Human Skin
SB700   T.S of Dicot Root
SB701   T.S of Dicot stem
SB724   Human Tongue
SB726   Hibiscuss - Flowers and its parts
SB730   Malvaceae
SB734   Types of Joints
SB735   Circulatory System of Cockroach
SB736   Gametogenesis (Mammal)
SB737   Parts of Plant
SB738   Parts of Flowers
SB739   Modification of Roots
SB740   Types of Leaves
SB744   Diseases Caused by Virus
SB745   Diseases Caused by Fungus
SB746   Diseases Caused by Bacteria
SB751   T.S Monocot Root
SB753   Human respiratory System
SB756   Mouth Parts of Cockroach
SB757   Human Heart - Ex. View
SB759   Human Lymphatic System
SB760   Human Nephron
SB761   Autonomous Nervous Sys
SB762   Human Eye
SB765   T.S of Anther
SB766   L.S of Anatropous Ovule
SB767   Human Endocrine System

SB768   Sweet Pea - Floral Diagram
SB769   Wheat (Tritium aestium)
SB770   Allium Cepa(Onion)
SB771   Mustard
SB773   Earthworm (Internal anatomy)
SB774   Type of Tissues in animals
SB775   Cockroch (External morphology)
SB778   Meiosis - Crossing over
SB779   Carlous Linnacus - Scientist
SB780   Vitamins - Chem. Name and Funt.
SB781   Minerals - Functions
SB782   Water purification - Sand Filtering Tec
SB783   Water purification - Compact Integrated elecronic device
SB787   Mixed & Inter Cropping
SB790   Lotus, Paddy, Wheat, Barley plants
SB791   Stages of Phagocytosis in Ameoba
SB792   Tracheal Sys. of an insect
SB793   T.S. of stem
SB794   Artifical Kidney
SB795   Nervous Sys. Of an Insect
SB796   A Typical bag filter
SB797   Electrostatic Precipitator
SB798   Incinerator
SB799   Fertilization in a Flowering Plant
SB800   Mendel - Scientist
SB801   Balance diet
SB802   Safety mesaures to avoid accident
SB803   Sea Breeze & Land Breeze Chart of tongue
Note: Big sized multicloured photographs of Scientists, Biologists, Physicsts, Chemists & mathematicians are available.


SB827   Cell membrane showing structure & function
SB828   Cell wall - showing structure & function
SB829   Endoplasmic reticulum - showing structure & function
SB830   Mitochondrion - showing structure & function
SB831   Golgi complex - showing structure & function
SB832   Chloroplast - showing structure & function
SB833   Nucleus - Showing structure & function
SB834   Chromosome - showing structure & function
SB835   D.N.A. - showing structure & function
SB836   R.N.A. - showing structure & function


SB845   Plant Respiration
SB846   Plant Transpiration
SB847   Plant Osmosis & Root Pressure
SB848   Photosynthesis light reaction
SB849   Photosynthesis dark reaction
SB850   Glycolysis
SB851   Krebs Cycle


SB962   Papaver rhoeas (Garden poppy)
SB963   Argemone mexicane (Jangli post)


SB837   Monohybrid crossing complete dominance
SB838   Dihybrid crossing
SB808   Respiratory sys. Of frog
SB809   The Human body
SB810   The Muscular system Human
SB811   Circulatory system Human
SB812   Blood vessels Human
SB813   Anatomy of the heart Human
SB814   Respiratory system Human
SB815   The nervous system Human
SB816   The brain Human
SB817   Excretory system Human
SB818   The digestive system Human
SB819   Anatomy of the teeth Human
SB820   Showing parts of flower
SB821   Food chain
SB839   Monohybrid crossing
SB840   Mendelian explanation of cross between tall & dwarf races in garden pea
SB841   Sex linked inheritance drosophila
SB842   Mendelian heridity of blue & adulsian fowls
SB843   Mendelian explanation of the breeding behaviour of Red & White flowering in O'Clock
SB844   Ancestors of man


SB859   Chlamydomonas general structure & life history
SB860   Ulothrix general structure and L.H.
SB861   Oedogonium Life Cycle
SB862   Spirogyra St. & Conjugation
SB863   Batrachospermum structure & L.H.
SB864   Polysiphonia structure & life history
SB865   Rhizopus structure & L.H.
SB866   Mucor structure & L.H.
SB867   Penicillium
SB868   Puccinia graminis structure & L.H.
SB869   Agaricus structure & life history


SB870   Riccia structure & reproduction
SB871   Marchantia structure & life history
SB872   Anthoceros structure & reproduction
SB873   Moss (Funaria) life history
SB874   Selaginella structure & reproduction
SB875   Marselia structure & Reproduction
SB876   Lycopodium structure & reproduction
SB877   Equistem structure & reproduction
SB878   Fern (Aspidium) structure & L.H.
SB879   Fern (Pteris) structure & L.H.


SB880   Cycas life history
SB881   Cycas anatomy
S882B   Cycas stem T.S.
SB883   Gnetum structure & life history
SB899   Meisophytic plants
SB900   Epiphytic plants
SB901   Insectivorous plants
SB902   Fossil plants
SB903   Coparison of Dicot & Monocot Plants


SB904   Maize seed germination
Sb905   Gran seed germination
SB906   Bean seed germination
SB907   Castor seed germination
SB908   Pea seed germination
SB909   Dispersal of seeds fruits
SB910   Classification of fruits


SB955   Collenchyma & sclerenchyma
SB956   Plant anatomy part 2 showing complex tissues xylem
SB957   Plant anatomy part 3 showing complex tissues phloem
SB958   Taxonomy Ranunculaceae
SB959   Ranunculus sceleratus
SB960   Delphinium Ajacis


SB889   Plant cell ultra strucure
SB890   Mitosis in plants
SB891   Meiosis in plants( 1st & 2nd division shown in one chart
SB892   Stucture of chromosome during mitosis
SB893   Stucture of chromosome during meiosis
SB894   Typical plant
SB895   Plant kingdom showing flowering & non Flowering plants
SB896   Flowering plants
SB897   Non-Flowering plants (A classification)
SB898   Xerophytic plants
SB929   Compound Leaves
SB930   Phyllotaxy
SB931   T.S. Dicot root secondary growth
SB932   Leaf Lamina


SB911   T.S. Dicot root
SB912   T.S. Monocot root
SB913   T.S. Dicot stem
SB884   Pinus structure & life history
SB885   Pinus anatomy
SB886   Pinus leaf
SB887   Pinus stem
SB888   Pinus stem sec. Growth


SB933   Typical flower showing parts
SB934   Fertilization showing. germination of p.grain SB935T.S. anther & its development
SB943   Forms of androecium
SB914   T.S. Monocot stem
SB915   T.S. Dicot Leaf
SB916   T.S. Monocot Leaf
SB917   Root modification
SB918   Stem modification (Arial)
SB919   Leaf modification
SB920   T.S. Dicot stem sec. Growth
Sb921   Vegetative propagation
SB922   Artificial propagation
SB923   Specialised stems
SB924   Typical leaf showing parts
SB925   Types of leaves
SB926   Simple leaves
SB927   Stipules
SB928   Leaf venation
SB945   Development of Monocot embryo
SB946   Placentation
SB947   Aestivation
SB949   Inflorescene Part 1 showing sample racemose & simple cymose
SB950   Inflorescene Part 11 showing compound & special
SB951   Pollination different types
SB952   Forms of ovules
SB953   Forms of calyx & corolla


SB966   Althaea rosea (Holly hock)
SB967   Hibiscus rose (Shoe flower)


SB969   Citrus aurantium
SB970   Murraya Exotica (Marual)

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