Higher Physics Lab Electromagnetism



Exp-1 To study the working of galvanometer.
Exp-2 Conversion of galvanometer as DC voltmeter.
Exp-3 Conversion of galvanometer as AC voltmeter.
Exp-4 Conversion of galvanometer as DC current meter.
Exp-5 Conversion of galvanometer as AC current meter.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part - 1, Chapter - 4, Moving charges & magnetism, The Moving Coil Galvanometer.

The kit has been designed to demonstrate the basic working principle of AC or DC analogue ammeters or voltmeters with interchangeable plastic scales. The whole kit is provided with big size demonstration meter, set of five AC/DC dials, load resistance and a power supply to operate the meter.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Demonstration meter 1
2 DC dial 0-1A 1
3 DC dial 0-15V 1
4 AC dial 0-5V 1
5 AC dial 0-1A 1
6 Galvanometer 1
7 Resistance ½W 1
8 Resistance 3K, 1W 1
9 Power supply 1
10 Flexible Lead pair 1
11 Instruction manual 1

Electromagnetism Experiments