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Exp-1 Measuring the diameters of the two diffraction rings for different accelerator voltages.
Exp-2 Determining the wavelength of the electrons for different accelerator voltages by applying the Bragg condition.
Exp-3 Confirming the de Broglie equation for the wavelength.

  • Electron Diffraction Tube with built-in graphite foil and fluorescent screen.
  • Adjustable Anode voltage from 0V to 5000V range.
  • Diffraction Patterns are noticed in fluorescent screen.
  • De-Broglie Wavelength.
  • Wave nature of electron.
  • Diffraction of Wave.
  • Bragg's Law.

When a polycrystalline graphite foil is illuminated by electron, it is diffracted by the various lattice plane within the crystal. This wave property of electron thus proves the de-Broglie's principle i.e. electrons are waves. In the fluorescent screen, the diffraction pattern is observed around a central bright spot. The diffraction patterns formed here satisfy Bragg's law.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
U18571 Electron diffraction tube S 1
U185001 Tube holder S 1
U33010-230 High voltage power supply 5kV (230V) 1
U138021 Set of 15 safety experiment leads, 75 cm 1

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