School Science Lab Electrostatic



Exp-1 Repulsion between like charges.
Exp-2 Attraction between a charged body and an insulator.
Exp-3 Light hollow conductors.
Exp-4 To show ionisation experiments.
Exp-5 To show positive and negative charges.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-1, Chapter - 1, Electric Charges & fields.
Chapter - 2, electrostatics of Conductors.

The kit is used for demonstrating a number of electrostatics experiments. It consists of various elements and a gold leaf electroscope with a transparent front window and ground glass rear window.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Proof plane on insulating handle 1
2 Metalized polystyrene sphere 4
3 Electrophorous plate insulating handle 1
4 Polythene strip 1
5 Polythene tiles 2
6 Nylon reel 1
7 Aluminium cans 2
8 Cellulose acetate strip 1
9 Wire stirrup 1
10 Polishing cloth 1
11 Plated wire hook 1
12 Gold leaf electroscope 1
13 Instruction manual 1

Electrostatic Experiments