Higher Physics Lab Mechanics



Exp-1 Determination of the value of ‘g’ using pendulum.
Exp-2 Determination of the value of ‘g’ by dropping metal ball using a solenoid.
Exp-3 Determination of the value of ‘g’ using 2L picket.
Exp-4 Value of ‘g’ using picket fence with ten slits.

  • Hand-held digital timer with data logging facility & membrane keypad.
  • Small slits on the inside edge of the photogate for emitting & receiving infra red beam.
  • Many other experiments can also be performed with the same timer.
  • Quick & accurate results.
  • "g" by free fall.
  • Simple pendulum.
  • Photogate.
  • Digital timer.
  • Solenoid.
  • Picket fence.

Principle and Working :
Free fall instrument is the necessary instrument for the quantitative analysis of free falling objects. In the present setup, the value of “g” may be obtained with the help of photogate, ball, picket fence with ten slit and a digital timer by using the equation,

g= (vf2 - vi2 )/2s,

where vf final velocity, vi initial velocity and s distance between leading edge of first black strip & leading edge of last black strip.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SP775 ‘g’ by free fall 1
SJ162 Digital Timer with photogate pair 1
SW924 Steel Ball 1
SJ164 Solenoid interface 1
CD445 Electromagnet 1
SN612 Picket fence ten slits 1
SW923 2 L Picket 1
SN202 Lead, Black (200cm) 1
SN205 Lead, Red (200cm) 1
SP352 Pendulum bob (Brass) 1
SP306 Pendulum bob (Iron) 1
CD526 Pendulum Support 2
SU0293A Thread Reel 1

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