Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 To demonstrate that light spreads when it passes through a narrow aperture.
Exp-2 To observe the diffraction patterns by holes, single slit and double slit, mesh, grating.
Exp-3 To demonstrate Young’s fringes.
Exp-4 To demonstrate Fresnel’s diffraction.
Exp-5 To measure wavelength of light using a millimeter scale as a grating.
Exp-6 To demonstrate fringes of equal inclination.

  • Imported slits.
  • He-Ne laser with in-built power supply.
  • Translucent screen to view the diffraction pattern.
  • Hexagonal optical bench with locking arrangement.
  • Diffraction.
  • Fresnel diffraction.
  • Fraunhofer diffraction
  • Interference.
  • Uncertainty of location.
  • Wave-particle.
  • Fringes of equal inclination.

Principle and Working :
Diffraction phenomenon of light cab be observed when a laser beam passes through a slit or grating. The diffraction pattern can be observed on a translucent screen.
In the present setup single slit, double slit, multiple slit, single tapered slit, fine grating, holes, circular opaque spot, gray filter, mesh and coarse grating are used for diffraction experiment with a he-ne laser.


Cat No. Item Name SK027 SK038
SL214 Optical bench 1 1
R3891 He-Ne laser 1 1
C1734 Screen (30 x 30 cm) 1 1
R5199 Set of 13 objects 1  
SL744 Diffraction slides   1
CD555 Slit holder 1 1
C0496 Glass scale 1 1
C4737 Slit (Blade) 1 1
SP124 Measuring tape (3 m) 1 1
R4195 Clip 1 1
SL072 -10cm concave lens in holder 1 1
SL070 -5cm concave lens in holder 1 1
SL062 +10cm convex lens in holder 1 1
SL064 +20cm convex lens in holder 1 1
C0487 Prism table 1 1
SG110 Cylindrical base 1 1

* Note:
SK038 same as SK027 but supplied with SL744 (precision grating set) instead of R5999.

Light & Optics Experiments