School Science Lab Heat



Exp-1 Heating and cooling water.
Exp-2 Heating and cooling methylated spirits.
Exp-3 Functioning of a thermometer.
Exp-4 Converting a liquid into a gas.
Exp-5 Water evaporates, vaporizes too.
Exp-6 Conversion of a gas into liquid.
Exp-7 Condensation.
Exp-8 Evaporation.
Exp-9 How water particles unite.
Exp-10 How thermometer works
SCIENCE, Class Vll, Chapter - 2,water a wonder liquid.
SCIENCE, Class lX, Chapter - 2,Is matter around us pure.

This kit is used in heating and cooling of water or any inflammable liquid, converting a liquid into a gas and other basic experiments related to heat.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
R8704 Thermometer without graduation 1
SG402 Thermometer with graduation 1
SG386 Wall thermometer 1
C8694 Insulating case for beaker 1
R6282 Plastic bowel 1
R8701 Erlenmeyer flask 1
R8705 Food coloriser 1
R8699 Plastic dropper 1
R8702 One glass tube 165 x 5 mm 1
SC226 Beaker glass 100ml 2
SF532 Beaker (graduated plastic) 100ml 1
C8693 Bridge shaped stand 1
R8706 Candle in metal holder 2
R8799 Pegs 3
SC055 Rubber stopper with bore 1
  Instruction manual 1

Heat Experiments