Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 To demonstrate the kerr effect in nitrobenzene solution (only observation).
Exp-2 To measure the light intensity as a function of voltage across the kerr cell using photo detector.

  • All electrical connections are made using safety sockets.
  • Easy to setup experiment.
  • Can be performed by diode laser and halogen lamp.
  • Polarization of light
  • Bire-fringent
  • Kerr cell
  • Opto-electro effect

Principle and Working :
Certain materials under the influence of strong electric field become doubly refractive. The effect known as Kerr effect can be observed in this experiment with nitrobenzene solution.
In the present setup, a small glass container mounted with plate capacitor is filled with liquid. The container is kept between two filters placed at 90°. There will be dark field of view on screen initially but after applying electric field, the field of view brightens, because the light beam becomes elliptically polarised when passed through the birefringent liquid.


Cat No. Item Name SK019 SK019A
SLA19 Kerr Cell 1 1
SL801 Polarizer / Analyzer 2 2
SW840 Halogen light source 1  
C0526 Object screen 1 1
SE1005 High voltage power supply 1 1
SE080 Power supply 1  
SL223 Prism table 1 1
SL214 Optical bench 1 1
SL754 Convex lens in holder 1  
SLA65 Set of six filter 1  
CH829 Diode laser   1
SN204 Flexible plug lead,50cm (red) 1 1
SN201 Flexible plug lead,50cm (black) 1 1
Sl436 Transverse saddle 1 1
SN1016 Pin hole photodetector   1
SE067 Digital Multimeter   1

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