School Science Lab Mechanics



Exp-1 To find the velocity of an object.
Exp-2 To determine the average speed of an object.
Exp-3 To determine the acceleration of a moving object.
Exp-4 To demonstrate the elastic collision.
Exp-5 To demonstrate the law of conservation of energy.
SCIENCE, Class lX, Chapter-8, Motion.
Chapter-9, Force & Law motion.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-1,Chapter-3, Motion in straight line.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-1,Chapter-6, Work, Energy & Power.

  • No noise as in Air Track experiment.
  • Facilitating the study of mechanics both qualitatively & quantitatively.
  • Low friction wheels of trolley.
  • Superior quality SS track.
  • 4 mm socket on trolley for attaching various accessories & weight.
  • Multipurpose hand-held digital timer with data storage facility.
  • Photogate with sensitivity-adjustment knob.
  • Precise and accurate data.

Law of motion kit has been designed to study the linear motion of the object, elastic collision, Newton’s law of motion and recording the path time diagram of linear motion using phototiming gates.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SP075 Dynamic trolley metallic 2
C8601 Photogate sensors 2
CD425 Tripod base 2
SW092 Bosshead (bilateral) 2
C1795 Stand rod 2
SN581 Masses and detachable rod 1
SN360 Accessories for dynamic trolley 1
C7324 Picket fence 1
SP067 Track for dynamic trolley 1
SJ162 Intelligent timer 1
  Instruction manual 1

Mechanics Experiments