School Science Lab Mechanics



Exp-1 To study the linear motion under virtually frictionless conditions.
Exp-2 To study the elastic and inelastic collision.
Exp-3 To study the concept of velocity.
Exp-4 To study the concept of accelerations.
Exp-5 To study the conservation of momentum & energy.
Exp-6 To study the dependency of mass ratio to kinetic energy.
SCIENCE, Class lX, Chapter-8, Motion.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-1,Chapter-3, Motion in straight line.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-1,Chapter-6, Work, Energy & Power.

  • Accessories simply plug into the ends & top of vehicle.
  • Facilitates the study of mechanics.
  • Linear motion under frictionless condition.
  • Multipurpose hand-held digital timer with data storage facility.
  • Photogate with sensitivity-adjustment knob.
  • Precise and accurate data.
  • Many other experiments can also be performed with the same timer.

Linear Air Track Accessories SP059

Vechile 200g A 2
Plug with aluminium stripB 3
Plug with screen C 1
Plug with clay D 1
Plug with pin E 1
Fork for rubber bandF 3
Weight 50g G 4
Plug with card (black AI sheet) H 1
Plug with hook for attaching card I 1
Plug with pulley J 1
Rubber band K 10

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SJ190 Linear air track 1
SV041 Air Blower 1
SP059 Linear Air track accessories 1 set
C8601 Photogate sensors 2
C8599 Digital timer 1
SW092 Boss head 2
CD425 Tripod Base 2
C7083 Stand rod 2
  Instruction manual 1

Mechanics Experiments