School Science Lab Electromagnetism



Exp-1 To study Biot-Savart’s law.
Exp-2 To study the magnetic field along the axis (at different point on the axis) of a single coil.
Exp-3 To study the dependancy of magnetic field on coil diameter and number of turns.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part - 1, Chapter - 4, Moving Charges & Magnetism, the solenoid.

  • Modular approach.
  • Multipurpse power supply and gauss meter.
  • Different types of circular coil.
  • Electrical safety tested for power supply and gauss meter.

Principle and Working:
The magnetic field along the axis of coils of different dimensions is measured with a digital gauss meter with axial probe.
In the present setup, the relationship between the maximum field strength and different point on the axis of a single coil with different dimensions are investigated and a comparison is made between the measured and the theoretical effects of position.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SE079 Power supply DC 0-16V, 5 Amp 1
C4939 Digital gauss meter with axial probe 1
SW658 Laboratory jack 200x200mm 1
SG110 Cylindrical base 1
C4238 Axial probe holder 1
SE067 Multimeter 1
SN200 Lead 50cm black 1
SN203 Lead 50cm red 1
SN201 Lead 100cm black 1
SN204 Lead 100cm red 1
CD074 Coil N=165, L=75mm, dia=32mm 1
CD075 Coil N=220, L=100mm, dia=32mm 1
CD076 Coil N=275, L=125mm, dia=32mm 1
CD077 Coil N=165, L=75mm, dia=40mm 1
CD078 Coil N=220, L=100mm, dia=40mm 1
CD079 Coil N=275, L=125mm, dia=40mm 1
SP141 Meter ruler 1
R6969 Clamp 2
Instruction manual 1

Electromagnetism Experiments