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Exp-1 To measure the spatial distribution of the magnetic field between a pair of identical coils in helmholtz arrangement.
Exp-2 To investigate the spacing between coils at which magnetic field is uniform and measure its spatial distribution.
Exp-3 To demonstrate the superposition of the magnetic fields of the two individual coils.

  • Digital gaussmeter with axial probe to measure magnetic field.
  • Distance between coils is adjusted in U channel bench.
  • Easy & simple approach.
  • Electrical safety tested.
  • Helmholtz coil arrangement.
  • Axial hall probe.

Principle and Working:
A helmholtz arrangement consists of a pair of identical coils placed symmetrically along a common axis. A fairly uniform magnetic field can be produced in this setup when they are separated by a distance equal to their radius and having equal currents in the same direction flowing through them.

In the present setup, the spatial distribution of the magnetic field of a pair of identical coils in helmholtz arrangement and superposition of the individual fields by the coils is investigated using a digital gaussmeter with axial probe.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SE079 Power supply DC 0-16V, 5 Amp 1
C4939 Digital gauss meter with axial probe 1
SV628 Coil N=390, dia=150mm 2
SH317 Support base 2
CD038 Support rod 2
CD036 Base for helmholtz coil 1
CD043 U channel small 1
CD042 Deflection compass with Base 1
CD039 Axial probe holder 1
SE067 Digital multimeter 1
SN201 Lead 100cm black 2
SN204 Lead 100cm red 1
SN203 Lead 50cm red 1
SN206 Lead 50cm yellow 1

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