School Science Lab Electromagnetism



Exp-1 Magnet has a force.
Exp-2 Some item are attracted by a magnet, some are not.
Exp-3 Magnetic Poles
Exp-4 Magnetic Force pass through materials.
Exp-5 The rule of pole.
Exp-6 Attraction and repulsion of poles.
Exp-7 Compass construction.
Exp-8 North -South Orientation of compass needle.
Exp-9 North south direction by freely movable magnet.
Exp-10 Compass needle is magnet.
Exp-11 North south Position of compass needle.
Exp-12 Magnetisation of knitting needle.
Exp-13 Knitting needle as a compass needle.
Exp-14 Utilization of compass.
Exp-15 Use of a hiking compass with a map.
SCIENCE, Class VIII, Chapter - 11, Electricity & magnetism.
SCIENCE, Class X, Chapter - 13, Magnetic effects of electric current.

Principle and Working:
The magnetic field along the axis of coils of different dimensions is measured with a digital gauss meter with axial probe.
In the present setup, the relationship between the maximum field strength and different point on the axis of a single coil with different dimensions are investigated and a comparison is made between the measured and the theoretical effects of position.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Test tube 1
2 Bar magnet 1
3 Bar Magnet with red marked north pole 1
4 Cylindrical magnet 1
5 Knitting needle 1
6 Spool of thread 1
7 Plastic box small 1
8 Wooden disc 1
9 Rubber eraser 1
10 Sheet of copper 1
11 Sheet of iron 1
12 Sheet of cardboard 1
13 Piece of cloth 1
14 Floating platform for compass needle 1
15 Compass needle 1
16 Compass card 1
17 Hiking compass 1
18 Mini waggons for magnets 1
19 Floating platform for bar magnet 1
20 Filter bowl 1
21 Aluminium screws 1
22 Paper clips 1
23 Nails 10
24 Iron screws 3
25 Instruction manual 1

Electromagnetism Experiments