School Science Lab Mechanics



Exp-1 Verification of Archimedes Principle.
Exp-2 Law of equilibrium system ( torque or moments).
Exp-3 Verification of Hook's Law.
Exp-4 System of Resolving force.
Exp-5 Law of Parallelogram Law.
Exp-6 Law of Frictional force.
Exp-7 Motion in Inclined Plane.
Exp-8 Motion of cart
SCIENCE, Class lX, Chapter-10, Gravitation.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-1,Chapter-4, Motion in Plane.
Chapter -5, Laws of motion.

This kit is designed to study basic principle of mechanics.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No. Item Name Qty.
C7082 Base Support 2
C7083 Rod 35cm 2
C8003 Rod with hole 40cm 1
C7084 Rod 25cm 1
C7085 Rod 50cm 2
C8003 Connecting rod 1
C7089 Double scale with bosshead (mm) 1
CB208 Bosshead 4
CB564 Beam balance with needle pointer 1
CB562 Pan with hook 2
CB551 Solid aluminium cylinder 1
SCA46 Beaker 250ml 1
SC995 Graduated cylinder 100ml 1
CB549 Archimedes bucket 1
SG207 Weight box 1
C7088 A scale with clip 1
C7086 S-shaped hook 2
R8332 Dynamometer 1.5N 1
R8331 Dynamometer 3N 1
C7092 Friction wooden block 1
SP816 Digital watch 1
R8333 A spring 1N 1
R8334 A spring 2.5N 1
C7387 A pair of indicator 1
Cb553 A aluminum parallelogram 1
R8330 Meter tape 1
R3825 A thread 10m 1
SN030 Trolley Plash 1
  Instruction manual 1

Mechanics Experiments