School Science Lab Heat



Exp-1 To determine melting point of different compounds up to 400°C.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part - 2, Chapter - 11, Thermal Properties of Matter, Change of State.
SCIENCE, Class Vlll, Chapter - 4, Transformation of substances, Characterization of Substances.

It can be used in determining repeatable melting point of different compounds up to 400°C in 5 minutes by continuously adjustable with built-in variable transformer. Temperature resolution 0.1°C with low mass thermocouple and precision thermometer. Its housing is made of aluminum. It accepts up three capillaries. Samples are illuminated and clearly visible through the precision 6-power lens. Operatable at 220V AC.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C7345 Melting point unit 1
R8765 Digital thermometer 1
R8010 Capillaries 3” long 1 pkt
  Instruction manual 1

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