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Exp-1 To study optical phenomena in microwave optics system (inverse square law and angular dependence).
Exp-2 To study the reflection in microwave.
Exp-3 To study the refraction in microwave.
Exp-4 To study the polarization on microwave.
Exp-5 To study the double slit interference.
Exp-6 To study the single slit diffraction phenomena.

  • Transmitter and receiver horn mounted on heavy base.
  • 0-360° goniometer scale.
  • Gunn diode power supply.
  • Pin modulation.
  • Different accessories for study the microwave optics.
  • Gunn diode.
  • Reflection & Refraction.
  • Polarization
  • Diffraction.
  • Interference.

Microwave apparatus is used for study of Wave Phenomenon of the radiation produced, because its properties are very similar to those of light.
In the present setup, used for the students to understand and learn the basic concepts of wave phenomenon. Demonstration of wave nature e.g., reflection, refraction, Polarization, Interference and diffraction of the radiation produced, can be done using this kit.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C8029 Microwave Transmitter 1
C7661 Microwave Receiver 1
C7662 Gunn Diode Power Supply 1
C7660 Goniometer Scale 1
C7663 Aluminum Reflectors size 200x300mm 2
C7664 Aluminum Reflectors size 50x300mm 1
C7665 Aluminum Reflectors size 300x300mm 1
C7666 Acrylic Reflectors size 300x300x3mm 1
C7667 Semi-Silvered reflector size 300x300mm 1
C7668 Polarizing Grill size 190x300mm 1
SE067 Digital Multi-meter 1
C7659 BNC cable 2

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