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An electromagnet, which is battery operated, attracts a ball (monkey). After firing the projectile, the electromagnet circuit breaks.
The monkey falls and accelerates downwards at g. The bullet starts off travelling along the aiming line, but it is also accelerated downwards at g. So its motion as 'falling below the aiming line'. At equal times, it will fall below this line by an amount equal to the distance fallen by the monkey. At the time when both have the same horizontal position, they will both have fallen the same distance. The monkey and the bullet collide.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part-2,Chapter-4, Motion in a plane.

  • Parabolic Collision with minimum setup time.
  • Projectile and target fall at the same rate, they collide.
  • Electromagnet operated by 1.5 V dry cell holds a plastic ball(Monkey).
  • Angle Mirror for adjusting sight.
  • Demonstration of collision & parabolic trajectories.
    The tube (hunter’s gun) is a spring loaded launching piston allowing to adjust launch angle of ball.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No. Item Name Qty.
C9980 Launcher with variable angle 1
R8168 Target ball 2
C9984 Electromagnet unit 1
R8376 Angle mirror 1
C8257 Spherical plastic ball (monkey) 1
CA707 Clamp 1
SG038 Rod 1
SG101 A base 1
CB208 Boss-head 1
R0603 Dry cell 1
  Instruction manual 1

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