Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 Calculate the numerical aperture and study the losses that occur in optical fiber cable.
Exp-2 To study losses at FIBER junctions.
Exp-3 To measure losses in dB of two optical FIBER patchcords and the coefficient of attenuation.
Exp-4 To study the relationship between the LED forward current and the LED optical power output.
Exp-5 To study the relationship between the optical input power, and the resultant photo current.
Exp-6 To study the AC characteristics of a linear intensity modulation system.
Exp-7 To study external circuitry to transmit an audio signal through an optical FIBER using the analogue transmitter and receiver.

  • In-built function generator.
  • Separate transmitter & receiver section.
  • Microphone input section.
  • Audio amplifier output section.
  • Fiber cable 1m and 5m PMMA.
  • In line SMA adaptor.
  • Fiber communication.
  • Numerical aperture.
  • Photo detector.
  • Photo transistor.
  • Optical losses.
  • Conversion efficiency.
  • Intensity modulation system.
  • Audio signal.
  • Coefficient of attenuation.

In order to understand the fundamental of optical fibers and analogue optical fiber communication, this kit has been designed. Wiring diagram for Fiber Optic Analogue Transmitter, Fiber Optic Analogue Receiver, Fiber Optic LED Driver and Optical Power Meter has been shown on the panel of kit.
In the present setup, eight experiment can be performed by using this trainer. The user can design a number of other interesting experiments and small projects based on the kit. Provided with detailed instruction manual.


S. No. Item Name Qty
1 One - meter PMMA Fiber Patchcord 1
2 Five meter PMMA Fiber Patchcord 1
3 In -Line SMA Adaptor 1
4 Mandrel 1
5 Numerical aperture measurement Zig 1
6 Fibre optics Trainer 1
7 Speaker 1 set
8 Mike 1
9 Circular ring screen 1
10 Connecting leads 8

Light & Optics Experiments