Vernier Physics with Vernier

Real-Time Graphing and Powerful Analytical Tools (Logger Pro)


Logger Pro is our flagship data-collection and analysis application for Windows and Mac. With the complete suite of data collection and analysis tools, Logger Pro is suitable for all students, beginning to advanced.

For younger student’s use - Logger Lite: a streamlined subset of Logger Pro, is included free with every LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, Go!Temp, Go!Link, and Go!Motion.


  • Logger Pro3 includes a site license for entire school or university department.
  • Site license includes home computers of faculty.
  • Site license includes home computers of students.
  • No need to count computers to satisfy licensing.
  • Logger Pro 3 updates are free.


  • Ease of use: connect a sensor, launch Logger Pro, and click Collect. Auto-ID sensors make setup effortless.
  • Collect live data from more than 80 different sensors and devices.
  • Draw predictions on a graph before collecting data.
  • Use a variety of data-collection modes as needed or your experiment: time-based data, selected events, events with typed-in entries, photogate, radiation counting, and more.
  • Manually enter data for graphing and analysis. All of the functions of Vernier’s popular Graphical Analysis program are available in Logger Pro.
  • Import data from LabQuest and calculators.
  • Lay out graphs, tables, and text as needed across multiple pages to describe your experiment.
  • Read values and slope from graphs using examine and tangent line tools.
  • Print graphs and data tables.


  • Graph data in a variety of ways, including XY graphs, log graphs, double-Y graphs, strip charts, and FFT graphs.
  • Model data with user-adjustable functions.
  • Extract data from movies using frame-by-frame video analysis.
  • Capture video from DV cameras and web cameras or import compatible movie files.
  • Sync movie playback with sensor data.
  • Analyze images of gel electrophoresis.
  • Calculated columns allow you to graph new quantities such as kinetic energy.• Enhance graphs with date and time stamps.
  • Supports Vernier and Ocean Optics spectrometers.
  • Geolocate and map sensor data with GPS support.
  • Perform GC peak analysis.
  • Meet IB course goals with manual configuration mode.