Higher Physics Lab Mechanics

Surface Tension SK046/SK047


Exp-1 To determine the surface tension of water by ring-pull out method.

  • Modular approach.
  • Data-logging interface.
  • Precision dynamometer.
  • Aluminum ring.
  • Force sensor.
  • Surface tension.
  • Ring pull out method.
  • force sensor
  • data-logging
  • Tensile force.
  • Limiting force.

Principle and Working:
Surface tension for water is determined using ring-pull out method. The experiment utilizes a force sensor on which a metal ring is suspended, which can be lowered or pulled out of water.
In the present setup, a metal ring is completely immersed in the liquid, so that the entire surface is wetted. The ring is than slowly pulled out of the liquid, drawing a thin sheet of liquid behind it. The liquid sheet tears when the tensile force exceeds a limit value,
F=σ 4πR,
where R denotes edge radius and σ surface tension of liquid.
A force sensor is used with computer interface to determine the tensile force in SK047 kit.


Cat. No. Item Name SK046 SK047
SW979 Laboratory jack 1 1
SG101 ‘A’ shaped base, small 1 1
SH323 Rod, 75cm 1 1
CB208 Bosshead 1 1
  Data Logging Interface 1  
  Force sensor 1  
  Software 1  
C7486 Ring 1 1
SC227 Beaker 1 1
R5023 Vernier caliper 1 1
U20030 Precision dynamometer   1

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

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