Higher Physics Lab Mechanics

Timing Ball SV684


Exp-1 Measurement of g, acceleration due to gravity.
Exp-2 Measuring height of a person or building.
Exp-3 Effect of gravity during projectile Motion.
Exp-4 Experiments involving stopwatch.
Exp-5 Plotting height vs. time graph under free fall.
Exp-6 Experimental error analysis and statistical measurement.

  • No setup time.
  • Very accurate and economical ball.
  • Very easy to use to measure value of ‘g’.
  • In-built two axis impact detection mechanism.
  • Start/Stop/Mode switch (act as start, stop function in stopwatch & to display time and height under free fall after impact).
  • Auto shutdown after 30sec.
  • Auto ranging display.
  • Fun experiments.

The Timing ball is a unique device that records time of flight from moment of release of ball to the moment of impact (on ground or object). It can be used to conduct a number of experiments involving acceleration due to gravity (g).
From the time measurement and known height of drop the value of ‘g’ acceleration due to gravity can be experimentally calculated. Further its velocity and kinetic energy can also be calculated using the known mass of the ball. The height of a person or building is calculated from the time value assuming the ideal value of ‘g’ which can also be directly displayed using the mode switch. Additionally the ball can be used as an auto-ranging stopwatch.

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

* Note: Please ask for further details.

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