Higher Physics Lab Mechanics

Timing Car SJ155


Exp-1 To study the linear motion under low friction and plot time vs distance, velocity, momentum, kinetic energy.
Exp-2 To study linear motion on inclined plane.
Exp-3 To study linear motion in potential well.
Exp-4 To study conservation of momentum.
Exp-5 To study conservation of energy.
Exp-6 To study the dependency of mass ratio to kinetic energy.
Exp-7 To study elastic and in-elastic collision experiments.
Exp-8 To study linear motion under friction.
Exp-9 To study linear motion under crash.

  • Noise free and easy setup replaces the conventional air track and photogate timer for linear motion studies.
  • Novel tool for Comprehensive study of motion experiments as individual car motion is recorded in the inbuilt data logging electronics at every 2mm movement with microsecond timing resolution.
  • Recording of time-distance data covering more than 5 meters of car movement.
  • Unrestricted movement of car and data recording on any track - horizontal, up-down, curved tracks which is not possible with any other tool in the Industry.
  • Remote for time synchronization of two cars for collision experiments.
  • Software on computer to analyze the recorded time motion data.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SJ155 Timing Car 1
SV682 Stainless steel track 1
SV683 Car accessory set 1
SPECIFICATIONS Display : Two line LCD.
On/Off : To on/off the car.
Start/Stop : To Start and Stop recording the time data in motion.
Review : To review the recorded data stored in the memory and is displayed point by point, time along with distance.
Memory Clear : To clear the store data in the memory for new experiments.
Data Transfer : To transfer time data to PC via USB Port for graphical analysis on PC for Time Vs Distance, Speed, Acceleration, Momentum and Kinetic Energy.
Back Light : To turn on/off the LED back light for battery conservation.

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

* Note: Please ask for further details.

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