Higher Physics Lab Electromagnetism



Exp-1 To study the working of step-down transformer.
Exp-2 To study the working of step-up transformer.
Exp-3 To demonstrate motor and braking.
Exp-4 Effect of eddy current.
Exp-5 Principles of the shaded pol motor.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-1, Chapter -6, Electromagnetic induction.
Chapter -7, Alternating Current.

In order to demonstrate the basic principles of the A.C. Transformer and also the basics of various experiments in electromagnetism by means of different coils & cores using direct or alternating current, this apparatus is constructed. Coils are made of enamelled copper wire wound around on plastic bobbins with 4mm terminals connections.
All the components fit together to allow for assembly of the arrangements required to demonstrate motor & braking effects on the dissectible transformer.

Scope of Supply:

S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Clamp base 1
2 300 Turn Coil 1
3 600 Turn coil 2
4 1200 Turn coil 1
5 3600 Turn coil 1
6 12000 Turn coil 1
7 U & I Core, section 32X25mm 1
8 Multimeter 2
9 Connecting Leads 50cm (Pair) 2
10 Power Supply 12V AC/DC 1
11 Quadrant shaped plane plate 1
12 Quadrant shaped slotted plate 1
13 Aluminium motor disc 1
14 Vertical support rod 1
15 Clamping screw 1
16 Instruction manual 1

Electromagnetism Experiments