School Science Lab Electrostatic



Exp-1 High voltage generation.
Exp-2 Corona discharge.
Exp-3 Conduction of electricity.
Exp-4 Electrostatic charges.
Exp-5 Ions in motion.
Exp-6 Attraction and repulsion between charged body.
Exp-7 Electrostatic wind.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-1, Chapter-2, Electrostatic potential & capacitance.

  • An interesting fun way to teach electrostatics.
  • Adjustment of belt.
  • Very good set up of accessories.
  • Spark length 50-80mm under favorable ambient condition.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No. Item Name Qty.
SE167 Wimshurst Machine 1
C6685 Storage stand 1
C1896 Friction rod 1
C6686 Luminous Pane 1
C6688 Tripod stand 1
C1894 Stand rod 1
C6687 Sphere with connector pin 1
C6692 Bell 1
C6778 Connecting chain 2
C9701 Paper brush 1
Cat No. Item Name Qty.
C6697 Pith balls in box 10
C6696 Pith double pendulum 1
C6694 Needle with connecting pin 1
C6695 Pointed wheel 1
C6689 Jar with point shaped electrode 1
C6690 Jar with spherical electrode 1
C6693 Hook stand 1
C6691 Base plate with ring guide 1
C7788 Plastic ball 1
Instruction manual 1

Electrostatic Experiments