School Science Lab Waves



Exp-1 To demonstrate the Kinetic Theory.
Exp-2 Longitudinal and transverse waves.
Exp-3 Resonance with a non constant wave length.
Exp-4 To demonstrate resonance of metal strips.
Exp-8 To demonstrate interference & doppler effect.
Exp-6 To demonstrate reflection, refraction & diffraction.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part - 2, Chapter - 13, Kinetic Theory.
PHYSICS, Class XI, Part - 2, Chapter - 15,Waves.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part - 2, Chapter - 10,Wave optics.

  • Give mechanical oscillations.
  • Max peak to peak displacement -12mm.
  • Total frequency range: d.c. to 10k Hz.
  • Coil and magnet assembly are enclosed.
  • Armature allows attachment of the item to be vibrated.
Parameters Remarks
Range 10Hz to 110 KHz in four decade ranges.
Wave form Sine & Square.
Output Continuously variable from 0-7V p-p,5W
Working Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SN429 Vibration generator 1
C5109 Signal generator 1
SW653 Jack 1
CA384 Spring 1
CA554 Acrylic pipe 1
CA448-49 Plastic balls set 1
CA542-43 Rubber cords 1
CA553 Tapered rubber strip 1
CA540 Chladni plate 1
CA552 Wire loop 1
CA549-51 Steel strips 1
CA541 Disc 1
CA556 Transparent tray 1
CA546 Single point dipper 1
CA545 Double dipper 1
CA544 Plane dipper 1
SN201 Lead 100cm black 1
SN204 Lead 100cm red 1
  Instruction manual 1

Waves Experiments