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Projectile Motion Experiment SK088


Exp-1 To determine the range of projectile as a function of the angle of inclination.
Exp-2 To determine the (maximum) range as a function of the initial velocity.

  • It is easy to fixed on the table.
  • Two fixed photogates to measure the speed.
  • Fexible Launch Positions at the different spring load.
  • Angle can be adjusted easily.
  • Spring Mechanism.
  • Range of a ball.
  • .
  • Projectile Range Versus Angle.
  • Projectile Path.
  • Conservation of energy.
  • Initial Velocity of the Ball.

The projectile motion is for experimentally determining trajectories when a projectile is launched either horizontally or at an angle. Angles between 0° and 90° may be selected. Varying the tension in the spring can also enable different launch velocities.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SH332 Projectile Launcher 1
SJ162 Digital timer with photogate pair 1

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

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